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WrestleMania 28



歌手:Machine Gun Kelly
Voices in the air
I hear ‘em loud and clear
Telling me to listen
Whispers in my ear
Nothing can compare
I just wanna listen
As my world turns, the heart beats
Not only in my chest, but the heart in the streets
So when they feel this, they feel me
But I can’t feel nothin’, outside these Dre Beats
I am from the city of people, came from the bottom
Standing on top of what was supposed to be my coffin, whats up
Except for shows, we are the dead man walkin’
But reflections show this kid’s still got it
Better be known I got the throne like I don’t know that there’s a king
Never grew up around a family because I’m not a human being
And anyone under my bubble thats coming in my spot, for the top
Let ‘em hav it, cause when I leave, the whole world drops
Lace up Kells
I hear voices in the air
I hear it loud and clear
They’re telling me to listen
Whispers in my ear
Nothing can compare
I just want to listen
Telling me
I’m Invincible (3x)
Waking up sweatin from the stress of being caged out
Everything I write is played out like what is this
Tear the whole page out
Man I come from holes in the wall but they don’t know the past
Even if I told them it all they wouldn’t know the half
So maybe I fill up my luggage with all these dreams
And pull on my black coat and my black chucks and nothing in my jeans
It’s just one, til the day come like Rocky’s movie scene
The day I’m on top of the world, look up the screen like this is me, this is Kells
Crucified by the public without the nails
Do or die in my city but clearly I never failed
Lost myself from the game when I found myself from the cell
And I found myself from the fame when I lost myself in the pills
And you cannot mess with me still, seen the boys and they winnin’
Underdogs of the year, Cleveland boys in tha buildin’
What the f*ck is a ceiling
I’m taking us to the top
And when I leave the whole world drops
Lace Up Kells
Machine Gun Kelly演唱的Invincible,WrestleMania 28(摔角狂热)的主题曲之一~ http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzM1NDE5NTEy.html



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